Bouncing Back (The Key to Long Term Success)

Tuesday, August 18, 2020 - 11:51

If you’re just starting out on your fitness or diet journey, here’s an insider tip for you... You’re going to fail. 


It’s inevitable because you’re human and no human is perfect. 


The true measure of success will be how quickly you bounce back. Have a poor weekend of no exercise and unhealthy food choices? It happens. 


How quickly can you get back on track? 


Start by getting in a good sweaty workout and move your body. 


Prep a few healthy meals and start tracking your intake again. You know the “how”. Just do it. 



Don’t let a temporary setback discourage you from starting again. Don’t let one lazy day turn into two. Then an entire week. 


One unhealthy meal or a weekend full is one thing. Letting those poor choices creep into your weekly routine is another. The latter will lead you down a path that is hard to recover from. 


Be resilient. Be forgiving of yourself. Accept that you will slip here and there. 


You’re on a journey with your fitness and health. Sometimes a journey has wrong turns and detours. The important thing is that as soon as you recognize this, you get back on the main road and headed to your destination as quickly as you can.


- Coach Caleb 


P.S. I fail often. What I've learned in over a decade of pursuing fitness and health is to have a short memory. Fail, forget about it, and keep moving forward. Is there anything that you keep failing on and feel stuck?