Lead Daily Brief - April 23

Friday, April 24, 2020 - 00:28
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Daily Update

Tomorrow I will be joined by Blas Brown on a Zoom call at 1pm to chat about his work at UF Health and how he and his colleagues have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Lifestyle Tips

Stress and anxiety are things we all deal with. The severity of yours may be higher than others, but we can all combat added stress by doing things that help reduce it. Do you have any stress-relieving activities that you like to fall back on? If not, finding one is a great first step to handling the ups and downs of life. Need ideas? Reach out to me personally and I'm happy to help. My personal favorites are easy exercises and breathwork/mindfulness.  


Ever tried a meditation app? Headspace is excellent. I also enjoy Sam Harris's 'Waking Up'. Check them out if you have not before! 


Waking Up

Last But Not Least...

"When building habits, choose consistency over content. The best book is the one you can't put down. The best exercise is the one you enjoy doing every day. The best health food is the one you find tasty. The best work is the work you'd do for free." - Naval Ravikant