Lead Daily Brief - May 19

Monday, May 18, 2020 - 18:09
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Daily Update

Yesterday marked our first day back with our 'soft-opening'. Thank you to all who came in and sent us messages of support. We appreciate your willingness to work with our new safety protocols and our adjusted schedule. 

Even though some rules have changed, we can all appreciate being able to come back to our favorite environment and spend time with the people we care about. We look forward to seeing and serving you all as time goes on. 

Local Initiative

I'd like to launch a project to help out other local small businesses during these challenging times. Personally, I know the detrimental impact that COVID has had on us at Lead, and others are suffering too.

Please take a moment and fill out this quick questionnaire about other locally owned small businesses that you are associated with or care for.

Local small biz survey: https://forms.gle/djLnfdS5yf213sd96

Procedural Update

Push Press, our member management software, is actively working on fine-tuning their reservation/cancellation procedures within the app. Here is a procedural update for all Lead Members. 

If you are reserved for class and need to cancel within the two hour "closed registration" window, you may do so through your app. It notifies us on the back end that there was a 'late cancel'. You don't need to text us to back out. If there is an emergency and you will not make it last minute and want to notify us out of courtesy, and to avoid a "no call, no show" fee, then text the gym phone at 352-792-6551. 

If you are on the waitlist and someone cancels within that two hour window, you'll be notified to claim the spot. If you are not on the wait list, and it's within two hours, you cannot reserve at this time. They are working on a fix for that. But for now, you'd have to just show up and hope there is a spot in the class. You can increase your odds of getting one by looking at Push Press app and seeing how many people have already reserved. If class is half full, you're probably fine. If it's 7 or 8 people, you're running a high risk of not being able to get in. 

Here is a a helpful video that instructs you how to reserve and cancel your class reservations: https://youtu.be/kPvHbjwZoIw

Last But Not Least...

"It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed." – Napolean Hill