Lead Daily Brief - May 2/3 (Weekend Edition)

Sunday, May 3, 2020 - 18:45
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Daily Update

We have some exciting news for you all! Starting tomorrow (Monday 5/4) we are going to be hosting several 'remote' in-person workouts throughout the week. We will maintain our normal Zoom schedule and these will be added in addition. 

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for small groups to gather and get some much needed socializing while doing our part to keep people safe and follow appropriate guidelines. 

The schedule of these classes will be in PushPress member app, on our Members Only Lead FB page, and listed below. Please reserve in Push Press if you plan to attend! 

Monday - Phil 5:30pm remote Lead Backyard Workout & via Zoom. Motivation Monday will follow onsite at 6:30pm and on Zoom. 

Tuesday - Mike 7am the stadium aka The Swamp

Wednesday - Kristy 4pm public park (TBA)

Thursday - Caleb 7pm Kanapaha Middle School Track (Also, stretching is being moved to 10am Thursdays)

Friday - Jessie 4pm Westside park

Lifestyle Tips

Movement is the key to longevity. Instead of heaping on the guilt when you miss a workout, instead frame it in your mind as 'movement'. Did I get a chance to 'move' today and use my body? Did I break a sweat? If not, what can I do, or what would I like to do? Life isn't all about 'training sessions' and sometimes it's okay to not have the motivation to workout. When that happens, just go move instead. 


Retail stores, restaurants, and others open back up tomorrow in a limited capacity. Get out there and support your local small business as best you can. The owners are all hurting. And remember to stay smart and stay safe. 

Last But Not Least...

"We are mostly under-moved and not at all too old." - Katy Bowman